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About Us

Our story unfolds over four decades – driven by attention to detail, knowledge of gemstones, and the pursuit of craftsmanship. Hailing from a family of jewelers from India, our forefathers have been dealing with diamonds and gemstones for more than a century. This heritage gives us an upper hand in the industry and in house experts.

Anand Jhalani, founder and President of TBR. International Inc. ( transformed the company from its inception in the 1980's in New York into a global hallmark of innovation, creativity and craftsmanship. He has traveled to over 50 countries and established relationships with the leading mines and facilities of Brazil, Africa, China, India, Thailand and USA.

Today, Instagem is a leading supplier of multitude of gemstones, natural diamonds, treated diamonds and jewelry. We now ship to more than 50 countries across the globe with major customer pool in the US. We have our manufacturing units and offices in New York, Mumbai and Jaipur.

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