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Lab Created Alexandrite Knowledge

Alexandrites are desired for their awe inspiring color change quality, the gem may appear greenish blue during the day and bright reddish purple at night under artificial light. Alexandrite is rightly called to be Emerald by the day and Ruby by the night. However these color-changing natural Alexandrites are extremely rare and the demand is rising by the day. This high demand led to growing/ creating Alexandrites in the laboratory and now most Alexandrites available are lab created.

Lab-created Alexandrites are real gemstones as these are grown by humans in labs. The scientists try to replicate all the natural conditions and use the same minerals to create the gemstones. These gems are either created using the Czoralski process or the floating zone process. The gems thus created have the same hardness, density, physical properties and optical appearance like a natural Alexandrite. Only a trained professional can make out the difference between a Lab Created Alexandrite and the natural alexandrite.