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Lab Created Emeralds Knowledge

Lab Grown Emeralds or Lab Created Synthetic Emeralds are created inside laboratories by using the avant-garde technology. The gemstones are real however are not considered natural as they created by humans.

Natural emerald is one of the three precious gemstones very rare and expensive. It belongs to the beryl family like aquamarine but is not as clear and hard. Emerald is coveted especially for their color which is due to the presence of iron, chromium and vanadium. In fact emerald is priced on the basis of the quality of its color and not its clarity as these natural gems typically flawed that is have multiple inclusions. Flawed and soft still emeralds command high prices because it is very difficult to find a beautifully colored large gemstone. High prices make emeralds beyond the reach of most of the buyers.

 Lab Grown Emeralds provide flawless yet less expensive options to the emerald lovers. These emeralds have no inclusions; have uniform color and high. Lab Grown Emeralds have the same chemical composition and physical properties. There is though some difference in color but that can be only traced by a trained eye.