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Lab Created Sapphire Knowledge

Lab-created Sapphires have been one of the best discoveries for the jewelry industry. Natural sapphires are extremely beautiful but also extremely rare. Since the gems are formed naturally under the surface of the earth they usually impurities and imperfections yet are highly priced. A finest quality natural sapphire may cost more than a white diamond. Mining, labor and other charges too add to the cost of the natural sapphires.

Lab-created gems do not have any of these issues. These gems can be created within a few hours using the same minerals under monitored chemical and physical conditions. The outcome is flawless sapphire gemstones in desirable sizes and color. The gemstones are physically and optically exactly identical in fact better looking than the natural gems. Only a trained professional can distinguish a lab created sapphire from a natural gem. Ethically the creation of the gemstone should be disclosed at the time of purchase. We at always inform our customers if the gem is natural or lab created.

Lab created Sapphires are created using two methods – the melt process or the flame process and hydrothermal synthesis process also called the solution process. Both the processes are quick and give perfect results.