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Learn About Precious Gemstones


Gemstones are mother earth’s colorful gifts to us humans. These are brilliantly colorful stones that are formed under the surface of the earth that have been used in jewelry since ages. Ruby, emerald, sapphire, garnet, peridot, topaz, aquamarine etc are few gemstones. Gemstones are divided in two basic types- Precious and Semi-precious depending on the rarity.  Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire are the only three precious gemstones;  very rare and are therefore more expensive. Color, Clarity and Cut of these gemstones are the three factors responsible for the grading of these precious gemstones. All of these three precious gemstones are typically low on clarity and have lots of inclusions in them. The inclusions also influence the size of these gemstones; therefore larger gemstones are rare and expensive.

Emerald is coveted for their deep earthy green color. Inclusions are very typical to emeralds; in fact emeralds without inclusions are not real.

Rubies as the saying goes are red (deep pinkish red) in color. The best rubies come from Myanmar known for their pigeon blood red color. Rubies also have inclusions in them.

Sapphires are available in all color from blue, yellow, orange, pink, green, white to purple even red. Rubies and Sapphires belong to the same mineral group, rather Rubies are pinkish-red sapphires. Blue is the most popular color of Sapphires.