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Learn About Semi Precious Gemstones

Gemstones are colorful stones found under the earth. These exist in a rainbow of colors. Sapphire, ruby and emerald are three precious gemstones, rest all the colorful gemstones are semi-precious. As the name suggests these gems are not as expensive and are easily available. Below is the list of few famous semi precious gemstones.

Garnet – the luscious red colored gems resembling the seeds of the pomegranate; Garnet exists in a number of colors- green, orange, yellow, pink, brown, even black blue, and purple, some garnets can be colorless. Garnet is the January Birthstone.

Amethyst- The magical purple color makes this gemstone very desirable. It is the February Birthstone and belongs to the quarz family.

Aquamarine – As the name suggests Aquamarine has sea-greenish to vibrant blue color from the beryl family like emerald. Yellow aquamarines are called Yellow Beryl. Aquamarine is the March Birthstone

Peridot - Bright green to stunning lemonish green Peridot is known for its distinct color. Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone looks best when studded in yellow gold. Peridot is the August Birthstone.

Opal – The October Birthstone opal is found in a number of colors, white, black, orange. The white opal is opaque but is known for the kaleidoscopic effect that it displays on the surface.

Citrine – Yellowish, orange even brown Citrine is the November Birthstone. It belongs to the quartz  family and gets the color due to the traces of iron.

Tanzanite – One of the newest discovered gemstones, it is coveted for its distinct blue color that may range from indigo to violet to purplish blue. It gets its name after Tanzania where it was first found. Tanzanite is also the December Birthstone.

Topaz –Topaz is the gemstone that is found in every possible color with blue and yellow being the most common. White Topaz makes a cost effective diamond substitute. Blue Topaz is the December Birthstone.

Morganite – Faint pink to the dazzling salmon pink Morganite is a beautiful member of the beryl family. The presence of manganese grants it the stunning blush. Morganite is named after J.P. Morgan, the famous financer.