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Lab Created Ruby Knowledge

Natural Rubies have been popular since time immemorial; however these precious gems come with high price tags as they are extremely rare. A one carat ruby with perfect color saturation and high clarity can cost a fortune. Since these gems are formed inside the earth these always have lots of inclusions and imperfections like other minerals and gases. Natural rubies without imperfection do not exist.

Contrary to natural rubies Lab Grown or Lab Created Rubies have zero impurities and imperfection. These gems are created in controlled and monitored conditions in the laboratories. In fact, lab created gems have the same optical, physical and chemical properties as that of a natural ruby. Moreover these lab grown gems are cheaper as they are created within a few days without depleting/ disturbing any natural resources, have zero mining cost and are environment friendly. No doubt these flawlessly stunning gems make a great deal and are perfect to satisfy all jewelry demands.