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Lab Created Diamonds Knowledge

Diamonds are the most precious gifts from Mother Nature to mankind. Each diamond takes billions of years to form; it requires immense efforts, money and people to extract them out of the earth. These mined natural diamonds are not perfect; most natural diamonds have poor clarity due to the presence of inclusions or impurities. Inclusions also affect the color of the diamond making it appear dull or yellowish because or impurities.  Presence of inclusions makes the diamond brittle and impacts the size of the diamonds; most natural diamonds are less than a carat. Diamonds are scarce but fine quality diamonds are even lesser, in fact less than one percent of the mined diamonds can be termed as fine quality. Rarity makes diamonds expensive; better the quality the more costly will be the diamond. Yet the demand for diamonds has seen a constant rise especially in the past few decades.

High demand and rising prices have lead to extensive mining which in turn has resulted in exploitation of labor and depletion of the natural resources. On the skip side lab grown diamonds or lab created diamonds do not have any of these problems. The diamonds are grown in the lab using the same minerals, chemicals, heat and pressure that is required in the formation of the real diamond. These man-made diamonds have the same chemical composition, optical and physical properties as that of a natural diamond. So technically lab created diamonds are real like the natural diamonds, it’s just that one is made by humans and other is made naturally.

Lab grown diamonds are created using two processes – HPHT that is High Pressure-High Temperature process and CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition process. Both the processes take very less time, require no mining, do not cause any damage to the natural resources and result in flawless diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are very pocket friendly in fact several times less expensive than the natural diamonds. It is deemed ethical to disclose that the diamond is lab grown at the time of purchase.