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Learn About Lab Grown Gemstones

Lab Grown Gems or lab Created Gemstones are created by human beings in the machines inside the laboratory. The gems are made using the same chemicals and atoms that would otherwise create the natural gems. The gems thus created have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as their natural counterparts. In fact these can only be differentiated by a gemological expert using high magnification and sophisticated instruments.

Natural gemstones as we know are created under the surface of the earth over billions of years making them rare and expensive. These natural gemstones are rare and there is no guarantee of their clarity, color and size. Moreover enormous mining cost and extensive human force goes into extracting these gemstones, all these expenses also add to the cost of the gemstone thus making them even more expensive.

Lab Created Gemstones are the solution to all the above problems. These gems are created in a few days, minimum flaws with zero mining cost thus very less price. No doubt they are a rage with celebs as well!