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Learn About Moissanites


Lab Grown Moissanite Lab Grown Diamond Cubic Zirconia Natural Diamond White Sapphire
Chemical Composition Silicon Carbide(SC) Carbon(C) Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2) Carbon(C) Aluminum Oxide (AL203)
Refractive Index 2.69 2.42 2.15 2.42 1.762-1.77
For Our Valuable Customer Extraordinary brilliance (sparkle), extreme durability and very easy on pocket Looks like real diamonds, budget friendly, durable Diamond replica, least expensive jewelry to carry on vacation Dazzling and precious. Each diamond is natural and one of a kind. Muted milky brilliance durable and budget friendly
Toughness Excellent Good Good Good Excellent
Hardness 9.25 10 8.5 10 9
Despersion 0.104 0.044 0.066 0.044 0.018
Pricing $$ $$$ $ $$$$ $$

  • Refractive Index Is the diamond/stone's ability to bend(or slow down) the light. The higher number indicates more white looking stone.
  • Hardness Is the diamond/stone's resistant to scratching and abrasion. The higher number indicates that the stone would not scratch easily.
  • Dispersion Refers to the sparkle and flash of colors when the stone is moved around. The higher number indicates more play of light and sparkle.
  • Toughness   Is the diamond/stone's resistant to breaking, cracking and chipping


Moissanite Benefits

Moissanite are a fraction of the cost of a diamond, having the same handness as a diamond, making them extremely durable with an Exceptional Sparkle.
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