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Learn About Pearls

Precious as a pearl! As the saying suggests pearls have been used in jewels since ages. White and cream being the most popular color, pearls exist in a variety colors and hues from golden, pink, grey, yellow, pearls can also be black. Pearls are created by living shelled mollusks when it creates a nacre layer around the irritant that had accidentally entered into it. The mollusks keep creating layers after layers eventually which we see as a pearl. Naturally the irritant entering mollusks would be rare and making a perfectly round pearl is even rarer. However the high demand versus low supply lead to the process of culturing pearls, where the irritant is deliberately inserted into the mollusks to kick off the nacre production. Cultured pearls are absolutely natural and good quality. Pearls cultured in sea water are called South water pearls and Freshwater pearls are cultured in lakes, rivers and ponds.

Tahitian Pearls come m from Tahiti and are typically black in color.

South Sea pearls are the finest quality rare and valuable pearls, with white and golden being the most popular in color. 

Akoya Pearls are fine quality pearls that are usually larger in size and more lustrous.

FreshWater Pearls are slightly lower in quality as compared to Akoya pearls and usually have a white color with light rose overtones.